You can smell like a sugarbaby with this new fragrance collection from

Not sure what gift to buy your young mistress? Well, if you don’t want to splurge on an apartment for her, might we suggest this fragrance collection from, called “The Essence of Sugar Dating”?

In case you aren’t sure who the audience for these perfumes are, they have some pretty classy names like “Opulence,” “NSA” (which stands for “No Strings Attached”), “Liquid Assets,” “Billionaire Baby,” “Filthy Rich,” and “Sweet Hustle.” They are also split between men’s cologne (called “Papa-gâteau”) and women’s perfume (called “Sugar Drop”). Apparently, these scents “will make your senses waltz to a pheromonic symphony.”

Unfortunately, at the moment, the collection is only available to current members, so if you aren’t already on the site, you’ll have to wait  to smell like a gross loser sexy man/lady about town.

Our advice to whoever buys this stuff? Just make sure to wash it off before you go home to your actual wife.