According to Vogue, Ibiza is a good place to … heal?

Ibiza may be known for having a wild party scene and the world’s most expensive restaurant, but according to a new feature in Vogue, it is also a place where “healing retreats are thriving.”

It turns out that in addition to visiting the island to destroy your body, you can also go there to make it healthier. “Last summer, we had 7 million visitors. They don’t all come for the DJs; they come for the energy,” said one Irish expat who runs a yoga retreat that offers “meditation, Reiki, and gong relaxation.”

Apparently there are some good vibes to be found in Ibiza. Like at Es Vedrà, a “mysterious rock island” off the coast of Ibiza which is the third most magnetic place in the world. “When you couple Kundalini yoga with that energetic field, you can have a deep transformation,” the yogi advises Vogue.

The island also has “radical light-workers,” organic fruits and vegetables and “ancient hippies” on nudist beaches.

And don’t think for a minute that these guru types are discounting the magical power of partying. “For millennia, Ibiza has been this land of healing and magic,” our yogi said. “Dancing on the tables is also healing. People come here to celebrate life, really.” [Vogue]