Supersize it: Luxury hotel gyms are pumping up their workout offerings

Gone are the days of the lone treadmill or stationary bike in a hotel gym or doing solitary calisthenics atop a garish hotel carpet in one’s room. These days those who want to stay fit don’t abandon their elaborate workouts while out of town. Some folks even book their stay based on which property offers the best workout.

In response luxury hotels are redesigning their gym spaces en masse. Some are adding stylish touches like better lighting, vintage boxing gloves and even custom wallpaper.

“Toile de Jouy patterns are traditionally bucolic scenes of pastoral life: working in the field, horseback riding or enjoying the countryside. I wanted to give a wink and nod to this classic French pattern, but translate these physical activities to working out in a gym in modern day,” said George Fleck, VP of Global Brand Management of Le Meridien Hotel, describing a toile character on the treadmill in the brand’s New Orleans outpost.

But what about the actual workout options? They are being taken up several notches as well. Whether it is a Spartan gym, CrossFit classes, or the more outlandish — aerial hammock yoga to underwater treadmills (really!)– hotels seem to be pumping up their workout offerings.

“It’s been great for guests at all fitness levels–from CrossFit newbies looking to check out the workout to longtime enthusiasts who want to take multiple classes a day,” Andrew Hedley, Managing Director at Jumby Bay, relayed to the Observer regarding Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort in Antigua which launched CrossFit classes this winter. [Observer]