Tennis pro Rafael Nadal will sport $725K watch on the court

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

It sounds like a great way to break a timepiece, but Spanish tennis pro has announced that he will be wearing an apparently unbreakable $725,000 Richard Mille watch in all of his matches.

Obviously this is a partnership between Mille and Nadal (the watch is even named after him: the RM 27-03 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal), but it’s meant to demonstrate something pretty unique about the super pricey timepiece — its tourbillon caliber withstands shocks of up to 10,000 G’s, a new threshold in the watch industry, according to a press release.

That means watch lovers can live as fast as they please with out worrying about the house-priced sundial on their wrist.

As you might expect Mille is keeping this one to a limited addition, with only 50 being made. So you’ll need to move as fast as one of Nadal’s serves to get one.


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