Isabella Stewart Gardner museum will now offer a $10M reward to get its paintings back

The museum (credit: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)

The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum is not fooling around about getting its paintings back. The museum, which was victim of one of the most famous art thefts of all time, has just doubled the amount it is willing to reward anyone who recovers its stolen paintings, to a whopping $10 million.

“We want our paintings back now,” the museum’s security director bluntly told the Boston Globe. Those 13 paintings have been stolen since 1990, when two men pretending to be police officers tricked the guards on duty into letting them in, tied them up and took the pieces. They are estimated to be worth a total of $500 million.

The $10 million award is financed by the museum’s trustees, and will be given to anyone who provides information leading to the painting’s return (no questions asked). The offer expires on December 31st at midnight. The one group of people ineligible for the reward? The thieves themselves. [BG]

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