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Rich New Yorkers can’t get enough of this beautiful Mexican town

Forget the wall. Rich New Yorkers (and those who live in the tri-state area) are flocking to Mérida, Mexico to scoop up second homes. HGTV is hot on the case with a recent episode detailing one percenters’ run for the border.

With 5,000 expats already dwelling there and more coming, Mérida offers irresistible delights to Northerners: warm Mexican sunshine, a laid-back attitude, colonial buildings, a diverse culinary scene and a convenient location just three hours drive from the Cancun airport. Mix in the low property taxes, and it is a go-to spot for the cash-laden to invest.

“It’s a popular destination for so many reasons,” says Carrie Regan, executive producer of “House Hunters International. “There aren’t direct flights from New York, so that keeps it from being overrun. You can still get to the beaches and Mayan ruins, but be based in a city that’s so charming.”

While prices have risen due to demand, according to Keith Heitke, a broker at Mexico International Real Estate, “you can find a nice completed house starting at about $175,000, or a nice fixer-upper between $80,000 and $150,000.”

Not sold yet? Well if hanging with Williamsburg and West Village couples in a tropical locale is not enough to intrigue you, you may also  be able to hobnob with celebs.

Solange Knowles made an appearance during a shindig in the area recently and David Byrne of the Talking Heads held a New Year’s Eve fete there a few years ago.