Justin Theroux files suit against his “tyrannical” Greenwich Village neighbor

If two percent of the population ever disappears as they do on Justin Theroux’s hit HBO show “The Leftovers,” we bet Theroux wishes his downstairs neighbor would be one of them.

The actor — and hubby to Jennifer Aniston — has just filed a suit against his neighbor, Norman Resnicow, in his co-op at 71 Washington Place for what he claims was a “targeted and malicious years-long harassment campaign” against him.

Theroux owns two adjoining units in the building, which he bought in 2001 and 2003, and the Resnicows own one, which they bought in 2004.

The allegations Theroux is charging Resnicow with include: shutting off Theroux’s water supply on their shared roof terrace, turning off the electricity supply on the terrace, killing the ivy that grows on the roof deck “because he knew that Mr. Theroux enjoyed the aesthetic provided by the ivy,” blaming cracked marble in the foyer on Theroux’s contractors, and “fabricating a dispute” over the correct boundary lines on the shared roof deck (Resnicow is claiming Theroux’s roof deck space infringes on his by two feet). These threats “have left Mr. Theroux unable to use or enjoy his own home.”

The reason Resnicow allegedly took all these actions? According to the lawsuit, it’s because Theroux refused to rip up his hardwood floors to install $30,000 worth of soundproofing between the two apartments when he was doing renovations in 2015. “Justin should have thought a bit last year,” Resnicow allegedly wrote in an email to Theroux’s representatives in 2016, “before responding to us as if we were peon supplicants — when we reasonably requested him to put in floor soundproofing with his extensive and expensive gut renovation.”

In a statement to the New York Post, Resnicow said: “I have acted for one purpose only, which remains to assure my and my wife’s health and safety. As for the terrace boundary matter, smart people can work that out, and both my wife and I and Justin are represented by smart people.”

Theroux is seeking $350,000 worth of damages in court.