The UES is now littered with fancy trash cans

Upper East Siders might be a wealthy bunch, but that doesn’t mean they’re not litter bugs.

In the next few days, 284 “High-End Litter Baskets,” will be making their way to the neighborhood, reports DNAinfo. The bins cost $525 each.

If you’re wondering what constitutes a high-end litter basket you may be disappointed to hear it’s neither gold nor diamonds. The new cans are larger than the average bin and feature narrower openings at the top to prevent spillage, along with covered tops.

“I am here to clean up the Upper East Side with larger trash cans on every corner that can prevent overflow and litter that spills onto the streets,” Councilman Ben Kallos said at the bin unveiling on Friday.

The cans will reportedly be placed along York, East End, First, Second, Third and Lexington avenues, between 59th to 96th streets. Perhaps Fifth, Madison and Park avenues already have fancy new trash cans, or perhaps they’re just not as untidy.


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