Like a fine wine, Jay McInerney recommends Sponge Bob Squarepants

After earning a reputation as a downtown party kid, as a novelist, and more recently as a wine critic, Jay McInerney is moving into a new field of connoisseurship: Spongebob Squarepants studies.

Apparently, while raising his son, McInerney developed a bit of scholarly interest in the whacky cartoon series, known for its cult following.

“When the world is too much with me, and I can’t watch another minute of CNN, I turn to Nickelodeon to contemplate the benign mysteries of Bikini Bottom,” McInerney writes in Town and Country. “Why does SpongeBob live in a pineapple? The show takes place underwater, and yet the characters employ fire and consume soft drinks. Why does the narrator speak with a bad French accent? And why is Mr. Krabs’s daughter Pearl a whale?”

Indeed. While most of us can overlook these great mysteries, McInerney says that for him they have become an “obsession.”

“Until I have the answers to these questions, I think I’ll keep watching,” he writes. [T&C]