Someone just broke the record for the most expensive handbag ever sold (again)

Gordon Gekko once advised future stock brokers that if they want a friend, they should get a dog. But if they want a good investment, we advise, they might want to buy an Hermès Birkin bag. Another one of the stylish sacks just sold for a record-breaking $380,000 at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong last night.

According to the auction house, this is the most expensive bag ever sold at auction. Exactly one year ago today, we wrote about the previous record-busting Birkin, which sold for $300,000. A 27 percent increase in one year ain’t bad at all.

Like the bag that sold last year, this year’s record beater is also a coveted Himalaya Birkin bag, so-named due to its unique pattern that resembles the Himalayan mountains (Hermès is rumored to only produce two such bags each year). It is also decked out in 18K white gold and diamond hardware, and was only expected to fetch $193,000- $260,000.