Yogis: “Everybody must get stoned”

Doing yoga while stoned gives new meaning to the term “recreational drug use.” But that is literally what is happening in California right now. After marijuana became legal in the Golden State six months ago, millennials have taken to getting high — smoking and then doing rooftop yoga.

“Let’s all take a puff,” said Equinox yoga instructor Derek Beres to the students at the beginning of class. Armed with vape pens from Bloom Farms, a San Fran-based medical marijuana firm, the yogis then settled into mountain pose.

The hour-long class offers post-workout CBD-infused cocktails as well for ultimate relaxation, according to Vogue.

This is just the latest in the workout-cannabis mashup. Medicated yoga classes, retreats, and athletic events like the 420 Games are in good company. San Francisco just opened its first “cannabis gym,” Power Plant Fitness.

But unfortunately for those waiting to inhale, it appears cannabis has little affect on performance. Some recent studies found not only is there no evidence weed helps a workout, but it can also have negative affects — leading to pulled muscles according to Dr. Jeff Chen, codirector of UCLA’s Cannabinoid Affinity Group.

No matter, we are sure there are plenty of lithe yoginis who plan to nama-stay high. [Vogue]