Google Doodle honors Zaha Hadid today

The Google doodle is a little bit curvier today.

In honor of the late Zaha Hadid — who won the prestigious Pritzker Prize thirteen years ago — Google designed today’s doodle to feature a sketch of her and one of her most famous buildings, the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Hadid was the first woman and the first Muslim to win the Pritzker Prize. She was one of the most famous female architects in the world, until her death in 2016 from a heart attack. 520 West 28th Street off the High Line will be the first building designed by her firm in New York City.

About the Doodle, Google said: “Before computers made her designs easier to put on paper, Hadid’s studio was known to use the photocopier in creative ways to bend lines and create new shapes. The type in today’s Doodle finds inspiration in Hadid’s energetic sketches, which explored both form and function.”