Ladies are laying out big bucks to massage their cellulite away

For everyone who hates dieting and exercise (so basically, everyone), there might another, easier — though significantly more expensive — way to get a toned and skinny body. It’s called body sculpting.

The practice is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and involves getting extremely deep massages that can loosen fascia, or the connective tissue in your body that supports your muscles and organs. With age, body sculptors claim, your fascia can trap fat and make you look lumpy.

And so, we have body sculpting, which Harper’s Bazaar says is the “new secret weapon” for models and other A-listers wanting to trim down (or at least appear trimmer).

“The strong manipulation loosens the fascia and wakes up muscles so I can move them back to where they should be,” says one such sculptor, Marina Baratashvili, who charges $150 for an hour at-home visit. She recommends going three times a week for three months and then once a week after that (that’s $5,400 for three months of treatment).

For those who don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a lady to claw at your cellulite, there’s the so-called “fascia blaster,” an $89 terrifying apparatus that will supposedly break up your fascia for you and which you can use at home.

Honestly, we think we prefer the gym. [HB]