Former Goldman exec trying to remove the Trump name from his UES building

Yet another New York building has started a petition to remove the president’s name from its own. This one is the Trump Palace at 200 East 69th Street, and the movement was started by former Goldman partner Laurence Weiss, who has been trying to sell his unit in the building since 2015.

In a letter to his neighbors, he wrote:

“We, the owners, can change the name if 2/3 of us agree. I am asking you to support my effort to remove the name Trump from the building and change the legal name from ‘Trump Palace Condominium’ to ‘200 E 69th St. Condominium.’ I understand that for some this is a complicated issue. For me, it’s only business. Our homes are worth more without the Trump name.”

Weiss first listed the apartment for $15.5 million and has since dropped the price to $8.9 million. To be fair, though, he only paid $6 million for it in 2003, so that $15.5 million price tag may have been ambitious under the best circumstances.

Keith Olbermann, who sold his own apartment in the building last year for a $400,000 loss, first reported news of the letter. Similar movements have worked in other buildings, like 140, 160 and 180 Riverside Boulevard, which removed the Trump name from their facades in 2016 (those buildings were not actually developed by Trump, just licensed under his name).

So far, the Trump Palace petition has considerably less steam; Weiss told the Hollywood Reporter that only 32 of the 260 neighbors he contacted have been in favor of the change.

“I am as embarrassed as anyone to be associated with Trump, but if it is affecting my property values, I said, why not try?” he said. [HR]