Celebrities may be targets of massive plastic surgery record theft

With a few exceptions (cough, cough, the Kardashians, cough, cough), most people who get plastic surgery don’t want anyone to know they’ve had it. That’s particularly true in Hollywood, where celebrities would rather gain ten pounds than admit they’ve had any work done.

Well, buckle up kids, because the plastic surgery records of one of Hollywood’s top plastic surgeons have just been stolen. And if they are released, we may all have a better idea of how prevalent cosmetic surgery really is among the stars.

A disgruntled former employee of Dr. Zain Kadri is the alleged thief of more than 15,000 records, according to the Daily News. Kadri’s firm believes she took photos of confidential medical records as well as credit cards and even celebs getting their work done. There was also a break-in at the office, where thieves stole medical records and hard drives with thousands of people’s data. It is unclear if these two events are related.

A spokesperson for Kadri’s office told the Daily News that they have been contacting victims, and that reactions have ranged from anger to worry that “if this info gets out into the public eye it could be seriously damaging to them.” [DN]