Divorcees are spending big bucks to get their groove back with “revenge makeovers”

You’ve heard of the revenge body, but Upper East Side image consultant Amanda Sanders, is bringing a whole “revenge makeover” to divorcees. Women wanting to get their groove back, post-breakup, can fork over $250-an-hour to get a sexy new look.

“If you can afford me, I’m your fairy godmother,” Sanders told the New York Post.

Opening up your heart to a whole new you also means opening your wallet. Sanders suggests a new wardrobe (as much as $15,000), cosmetics ($4,000) and beauty enhancement services like teeth whitening ($1,000).

“Fairy godmother” Sanders just wants lovelorn ladies to live their best life. “After you’ve aged a little bit, after you’ve had children, after you’ve neglected yourself for your family or job or whatever it is … to sort of have that polished version of yourself to go off and show the world is exciting, and it’s refreshing,” she explained.

Do you, girls, do you. [NYP]