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Want to buy a Venetian palazzo? Good luck finding a listing

While from the street, it appears there aren’t many properties for sale in Venezia, it turns out there are actually tons of whisper listings in the city for luxe palazzos. And some of them have been empty for a long time.

Real estate brokers say the secrecy is due to their (and the seller’s) desire to keep the integrity of the city. Hence, they are very selective about who can even look at their listings, some going so far as using a restricted access, password-protected website to show photos and not naming a direct price.

“We want quality in this city. Money is important, but Venice needs help,” a Venetian agent told Bloomberg. “We need to maintain the beauty of the city, so we want people to buy property like this, but they also have to give back to the city, too. Venice is very small, and it needs to stay alive.”

Some brokers, however, are diverting from the code of secrecy and instead going the more traditional sales route, advertising the hell out of these grand domiciles. One recently renovated home, directly across from Gritti Palace, hit the market for 8.8 million euros. Likewise, an apartment near Hotel Cipriani on Giudecca also has a full listing online. The agent remarks that the area reminds people of Beverly Hills, “And Americans are willing to buy property on the Guidecca.” [Bloomberg]