Fishing is the latest way to lure the rich

No shock here: the rich are hooked on fishing. So much so many are now sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into getting access to fish-heavy bodies of water close to home.

To address this desire, developers are creating luxury ranch resorts which offer the hottest new amenity: blue-ribbon trout streams.

“When we’ve surveyed clients through the years, the No. 1 critter that is sought after is trout,” Alex Maher, president and co-founder of Live Water Properties, a ranch-brokerage company, told Mansion Global. “Great fly-fishing properties are rarer than great hunting properties—it’s a more finite resource. A lot of the trout water in the West is public, so when you have private trout water it’s pretty special.”

So special that some are spending extraordinary amounts to have a private shot at it. Some a-fish-ionados are even spending mad cash on creating and stocking personal streams with computer-controlled conditions. Other homeowners are reworking owned land to house a fishery, some even going so far as converting a cattle farm into a fishing heaven no matter what the price. And what a price it is! Creating a large trout fishery from scratch can run from $200,000 to $750,000, according to one expert.

“We can turn a basically fishless mud stream that has no recreational value other than shooting ducks in hunting season, into something that supports thousands of fish,” Maher explained to Mansion.

But you know what they say: Give a man a fish and you charge him for a day, but teach him to fish and he’ll be paying for a lifetime. [Mansion Global]