Inside designer Alexis Bittar’s NYC home

Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar is known for his glitzy Lucite and Swarovski jewelry lines. But Bittar’s New York City apartment is far more subdued, focusing on carefully selected antiques.

Today, Alexis Bittar is the CEO and Creative Designer of the eponymous jewelry company, but as a child in Brooklyn, Bittar attended antique auctions with his parents, sparking an interest in collecting. According to Elledecor and Curbed, his Brooklyn Heights home is filled with wooden antique furniture, textiles that range from a tribal throw to Persian rugs, and an eclectic assortment of art.

Describing one Victorian artwork for Elledecor, Bittar said: “It’s a bizarre piece. Her husband just died and she was like ‘wait let me sit for this portrait right now.’ What’s incredible about that painting, for me, is that she has see-through sleeves and she’s mourning.”

And despite the seeming disparity between his modern jewelry designs and his antique-centric home, Bittar notes that: “I love the use of juxtaposed color. You can see in my jewelry color palette that I mirror sensibilities in some of the paintings that I have. For example, I’ll use a dash of red as an accent instead of a majority.”

[Elledecor | Curbed]Christopher Cameron

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