You can now go shopping at a bodega made of felt

We have good news and bad news for those who party a little too hard at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard, High Line. The good news? There’s a new bodega open in the hotel and it’s stocked with everything from sandwiches to Jif peanut butter.

The bad news? Everything in the store is made out of felt.

Yes, indeed, the amazing (or disappointing depending on how hungry you are) store is in fact an art installation by the UK artist Lucy Sparrow. If this work sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Sparrow did a similar pop-up shop in London called “Cornershop.” The New York version is called “8 ‘till late,” and is a to scale version of your standard corner bodega, complete with a dead mouse in a bucket of dirty water, Lean Cuisine and — of course — a bodega cat.

Everything in the shop is available to purchase in the store or online. Sadly, the prices are a tad higher than your average bodega, but for handmade art objects, they’re actually pretty affordable.