L.A.’s newest eco-friendly salon aims to be a cut above the rest

Loft647, an eco-friendly hair salon in West Hollywood, is the brainchild of celeb-loving A-list colorist Lorri Goddard and stylist Cory Scott. The hot spot offers all the luxe gimmicks that many others do — valet parking and selfie stations — but with tons of extras.

Taking green design to a whole other level, it boasts natural green design elements such as snake plants, rubber plants, dracaena, and fiddle leaf trees, to help remove chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde from the air. Additionally, fittings and fixtures are eco-friendly. and. of course. it wouldn’t be in L.A. if it didn’t boast reclaimed wood for its locally sourced countertops and chairs in vegan leather.

Energy conscious lighting is used throughout as well. Even the water is special — no city tap for these folks. Hair is rinsed with electrically ionized, pH-neutral Kangen Beauty Water (and we suspect the tears of virgins). Only cruelty free products are used, obvs!

Let you think hair trimmings are *gasp* thrown away — we are not heathens! — all are donated to the Matter of Trust Clean Wave program to help clean up oil spills.

The pair is also particularly proud of its neutral gender restrooms.

“We are in the heart of West Hollywood, so it was imperative that there is no question for our community about where we stand on this,” Goddard told Vogue  “This is a place where everyone is welcome.”

(Except maybe people who hate kale.) [Vogue]