Brexit and Donald Trump mean billionaires are planning their ostentatious weddings years ahead

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A return to nationalism, economic confusion, terrorism and saber rattling across the globe have a lot of people worried. Naturally all this uncertainty causes ripples that effect the lives of billions, but for billioniares, the Trump-era has had a rather surprising and specific impact.

“My legacy clients, if that’s what you call them, they tell us things are very different to how they were a few years ago,” Sarah Haywood, a wedding planning for the world’s richest and most secretive individuals, tells Racked.

Haywood says she has seen the time a billionaire takes to plan a wedding — multi-day fetes costing millions — skyrocket to well over 16 weeks. And she say it’s all because of global instability.

There’s “anxiety about the state of the world. Things feel less stable. Even the very wealthy are nervous about what Brexit and Donald Trump mean for them and the economic climate,” Racked reports.

Haywood adds that long planning periods make clients hard to manage.

“They change their minds a lot because they live a life where what they want right here, right now is what’s important, and they’re not used to planning. They don’t need to plan for a year because they can hire someone like me who can make it happen now.” [Racked]