Hamptons folk scandalized after art vandalism


A controversial sculpture of a shapely pair of ladies’ legs in Sag Harbor has just been vandalized with red paint. And people in the Hamptons are scandalized.

“In the cultivated Hamptons, this is a vile act of desecration against art,” one local told Page Six.

Neighbors had been trying to get rid of the 16-foot sculpture — by the artist Larry Rivers — ever since its owners erected it in in front of their house in 2008. Building officials declared it an accessory structure, like a pool or a shed, and therefore the owners needed a permit in order to have it. A state Supreme Court judge agreed with this assessment in 2015, but the owners did not take the legs down.

Last month, the building inspector struck again, and issued six citations against the sculpture. And now, the legs have been vandalized. “It’s a catastrophe,” one of the owners of the sculpture told the Post. Her lawyer said they were planning to file a police report. [NYP]