FIAF honors Carine Roitfeld with the Art de Vivre Award: PHOTOS

Carine Roitfeld (credit: Getty)

Last night, the toast of the fashion world gathered to celebrate the legendary editor Carine Roitfeld at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) on the Upper East East side.

Garance Doré and Dorothee Souchard (credit: Michael George for FIAF)

After a warm introduction by model Carolyn Murphy, Roitfeld received the Art de Vivre award and was toasted by her colleagues and friends. When the cocktail reception and award ceremony were over, guests headed to nearby restaurant Le Bilboquet for dinner.

Lauren Santo Domingo (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)

Among the guests in attendance were Lauren Santo Domingo, Carol Alt, Garance Doré, Frédéric Fekkai, Richard Johnson of the New York Post, Aerin Lauder, Stephanie and Jessie Newhouse, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Charlotte Sarkozy, David G. Tisch, Alexandra Vidal, Whitney Wolfe of Bumble, and Clémence and William von Mueffling.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Carol Alt (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Rahul Kadakia and Ashley Kadakia (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Stephanie and Jesse Newhouse (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Alexandra Kerry (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Carolyn Murphy (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Frédérick Fekkai (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Charlotte Sarkozy (credit: Chloé Mossessian for FIAF)
Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Eniko Mihalik (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Troy Young, Sebastian Faena, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Richard Tutino and Susan Tutino (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Fadwa Robb, Sophie Sebaoun, Jordan Phillips, Céline Mazières (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Agathe Lerolle, Alice Ritter, Thomas Somlay, Catherine Baumann (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Eniko Mihalik and Kathryn Hogan (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Marie-Noelle Pierce, Rahul Kadakia, Paige Boller (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Troy Young, Carine Roitfeld, Sebastian Faena, Carolyn Murphy (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Nabil Chartouni and Suzy Armstrong (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Marie-Noelle Pierce, Ashley Kadakia and Amy Sloane-Pinel (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Joelle Grunberg and Olivier Toussard (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Alexandra Kerry (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Aerin Lauder and Clémence von Mueffling (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
William von Mueffling (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Matt Armstrong, Maguie Nougue-Sans, Samantha Chartouni (credit: Michael George for FIAF)
Alexandra Vidal and Diana Castillo (credit: Getty)
Sophie Sebaoun and Yann Coatanlem (credit: Getty)
Claudia Mason (credit: Getty)