Hermès wants to help you do your laundry at its new pop-up shop

Fashion designers often glorify the mundane, charging exorbitant prices for casual items like buttless jeans, leather Ikea bags and Snoop Dogg t-shirts. And Hermès, it seems, is no exception.

The French fashion brand is opening a pop-up laundromat in New York, but don’t worry, you don’t have to wash your clothes there yourself. Called the “Hermèsmatic,” the store will be open starting today through the 18th at 90 Gansevoort Street. Specialized machines in the shop will bring life back to Hermès silk scarves by re-dying them and reviving them with a dip-dye service. Customers can choose to re-dye their scarves fuchsia, violet or denim blue, and the whole process takes 24-48 hours.

If you aren’t lucky enough to already own an Hermès scarf — or don’t own one that you’ve worn so often it needs to be “revamped” — the facility can still be of use. Hermèsmatic will also be selling vintage or pre-dyed scarves that you can dye there if you choose. A portion of the proceeds from one $395 scarf, the Battery Park scarf, will go on to benefit the Battery, a charity that raises money for Battery Park CIty.

If New York isn’t your current home, there is no need to fret! This quaint, orange facility is on tour, and is traveling to D.C, Nashville and Los Angeles. The pop-up shops are part of Hermès’ 80th anniversary celebration, and the brand knows that these lush laundromats will ensure bright days ahead for its consumers. Even if scarves are the last thing on New York’s mind during this sweltering June.