Dutch palace to become hotel fit for a king

Looks like the Four Seasons has some fresh competition. 

The Soestdijk Palace, located in Utrecht, was the royal address of the late queen of the Netherlands, Juliana, and Prince Berhard. Since 2004, it’s been vacant and only opened for tours. No more: Made by Holland has announced that it will transform the palace into a luxury hotel, according to Town & Country. 

Made by Holland recently won the rights to revamp the palace, and they are already fast at work preparing guest rooms. Plans call for  guest rooms in the top portion of the structure and rotating presentations music, dance, drama and film, as well as exhibits about the different historical aspects of the palace – all of which will be open to the public. 

The company hopes that the guests will “enjoy an overnight stay fit for a king” – which we assume must be better than a presidential suite. While the hotel will not be ready to open for a few years, we are already looking forward to  a true king-size bed experience. [T&C]