Polo star Nacho Figueras loves the St. Regis so much he named a horse after it

If you can name a polo player, chances are, it is Nacho Figueras. The Argentinian Ralph Lauren model is a polo fanatic, known for traveling insane distances for a quick game with the likes of Prince Harry.

Naturally all that travel — last week he traveled from New York to Singapore to Los Angeles over three days for just three games — means Figueras needs a comfortable place to lay his head at night. For him that place is the St. Regis.

Figueras, a St. Regis connoisseur (aka a brand ambassador), has stayed nearly all of the chains hotels and resorts, and he tells Town & Country that he adores ordering macaroni and cheese off the children’s room-service menu in New York.

But it’s one thing to like mac ‘n cheese and it’s another thing to love a brand so much you start naming your most prized possession after it. But that is precisely what Figueras does.

“Horses. I can’t have enough. I have 300. I used to have more. I had 550 but I decided it was starting to become a little bit out of control. I know every one of them,” he tells T&C. “When they come from the same mother, I always name them either painters, or actors, or hotels. I have one named Byblos after the hotel in St. Tropez, another named St. Regis that lives in California, a Ritz, and a Fontainebleau that’s retired. I also have a horse named Sue Ellen. She’s probably my most famous horse.”

What can we say?