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Trophy penthouse buyers at 56 Leonard are keen to sell

56 Leonard might be informally known as the “jenga building” but the “flip building” might be a more fitting moniker.

The owners of two full-floor penthouses at the building is now ready to part with both of their multi-million dollar units. Their 54th-floor apartment, which closed just last week, according to listing broker Toni Haber of Compass, has just joined their other penthouse on the market.

Known only as South Shore Investments II, LLC, the anonymous owner paid $23.98 million for the four-bedroom unit on the 54th floor. It’s now asking $30 million.

Haber told LLNYC that the apartments are domestically owned. She pointed out that the contract on the unit was signed almost four years ago, and explained that the owner is not in New York as much as they were. “In four years a lot can change,” she said.

In February, the same owner listed their penthouse on the 53rd floor for $35 million. They had paid a little over $29 million for the 6,400-square-foot apartment just weeks previously.

Perhaps they’ll be buoyed by the success story of the 55th-floor penthouse. In April, the owners of that unit listed it for $28 million shortly after paying $21.8 million for the place. In May it went into contact.