Diamonds ahoy! De Beers launches diamond-hunting ship

Like modern day, gem-obsessed pirates, diamond industry honchos De Beers have just launched a new, state-of-the-art exploration ship off of the coast of Namibia that is designed to scan the seabed for bounty.

The $157 million, diamond-hunting “mv SS Nujoma” is equipped with sonar technology and a drilling device, reports The Telegraph.

“We’re particularly pleased with the technology on board, which is all bespoke to De Beers,” said Bruce Cleaver, De Beers’ chief executive to The Telegraph. “It explores the targeted areas and defines those areas where there are better grades of diamonds.”

Mining of Namibia’s diamonds – some of the most valuable in the world – takes place at around 120 to 140 meters below sea level. De Beers is reportedly the only miner in the world that looks for diamonds on the seabed, and its undersea mining is only carried out in Namibia — a country where diamond mining is the biggest industry.

De Beers’ diamond-searching operations are reportedly in an area with no commercial fishing and little marine life.

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