This new LES store will sell you the coolest cactus you’ve ever seen

For succulent enthusiasts (or just those who never remember to water their plants), a new store in the Lower East Side is here for you.

The Echo Park Cactus Store will open their first New York location at 5 Essex Street tomorrow, and it offers an array of unusual plants that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Rather than selling cookie cutter cacti, the owners of the shop stress the importance of individuality. Every cactus is picked based on its uniqueness and character, and each one is sourced, hand-picked, and driven to the New York store.

The company began in 2014 in Los Angeles, by Carlos Morera, Jeff Kaplon and Max Martin. The owners didn’t expect the store to branch out like it did, but they hope that their new location will help them spread their knowledge of plants and ensure that cacti become than just coffee-table staples and appreciated for the living organisms they are.

Even if they also do look great on top your art books. [GQ]