Trump writes good review of Camp David (even though it’s no Mar-a-Lago)

Though it may lack the glitz and glamour of the Mar-a-Lago, Camp David seems to have met with President Donald Trump’s approval anyway.

The President made his first visit to the official retreat this weekend, and expressed his happiness with his stay in a tweet that sounds vaguely like a Yelp review. “Camp David is a very special place. An honor to have spent the weekend there. Military runs it so well and are so proud of what they do!”

Melania also seems to have enjoyed her visit to the retreat, tweeting a photo of the woods and the message “Barron, @Potus and I enjoying beautiful Camp David! #family #sport #weekend.” (Wait, did Trump actually do a sport?)

It’s refreshing to know Trump can have fun even when he’s not with people who paid $200,000 for the privilege of hanging out with him. And we bet the food at Camp David actually passed its health inspection as well. So that’s nice.