Like it or not, Martha is getting a musical

Remember when Martha Stewart’s brief fall from grace (aka her prison sentence) inspired those decidedly B made-for-TV movies, “Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart,” and “Martha Behind Bars?” Well now that Martha is once again on the rise (read all about it in our cover story on the domestic diva) she is once again inspiring creative takes on her larger-than-life life.

Playwright Ryan Raftery is taking on the life of Stewart in a new musical that promises to be stuffed with snark.

In fact, Raftery is known for staging just this kind of humorous biography, with musicals about Anna Wintour and Andy Cohen already under his belt.

“What other titan — Andy is a very powerful guy, Anna Wintour is a very powerful woman — is on her level that I could do a show about?” Raftery tells New York Magazine. “It really didn’t take long to land on America’s favorite purveyor of perfectionism.”

His show, entitled the “The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Martha Stewart,” opens on August 7 at Joe’s Pub. [NYM]