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Around the world in 80 properties: A $60M Roman palazzo with original frescoes

Ever wish your life was an Italian movie? Well it can (kind of) be one if you buy this palazzo in Rome, which was used in the Oscar-winning film, “La Grande Bellezza.”

Too bad it costs €57 million (about $63 million).

The home — called Palazzo Sacchetti — was built in 1542 by the architect Sangallo for himself. It was later owned by the Archbishop of Naples and the Marquis Sacchetti of Florence. Being as it had some pretty illustrious owners, the palazzo comes with equally impressive art, including frescoes by Francesco Salviati, Pietro da Cortona, Ciampelli and Jacopino del Conte.

Obviously the place is pretty grand. It clocks in at around 21,000 square feet, plus a 3,000-square-foot terrace, plus four balconies of unspecified size, plus 7,400 square feet of garden space, plus a 750-square-foot nymphaeum. Spread across five different apartments, the home comes to a total of 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

La Dolce Vita, indeed.