Traveling the globe? These services will take care of paying your bills (and other boring stuff) for you

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The New York Times’ “Wealth Matters” column continues to explore the petty problems of the one percent. And we cannot get enough of it.

This week, the topic is services that will take care of boring things like paying the bills and opening the awnings in rich people’s Hamptons home while they frolic around the globe. After all, if you sold your business and are now lucky enough to be an individual with “homes in multiple locations and grand travel aspirations,” like one such lucky man featured, when are you supposed to find time to do regular stuff like pay your yacht captain?

Enter Total Personal Services, a company that will take care of all that boring stuff for you. This man gave them $50,000 (“it’s not like they have access to my whole portfolio”) and power of attorney so that they could take care of all his matters while he traveled around the Caribbean on his yacht.

The services cost about $20,000-a-year, which this guy says is totally worth it because it allows him to enjoy all his homes, which scatter the globe from South Carolina to Hawaii, worry-free.

His advice for others looking to travel? “I would say there are really good options to deal with it and life is short — take the trip,” he told the Times. Must be nice. [NYT]