For the first time in history Royal Ascot allows men to remove their jackets

The British horse-racing event of the year, Royal Ascot, is upon us and for the first time in the event’s over 300-year history, gentlemen in attendance have been allowed to remove their jackets.

“Very hot conditions,” are reportedly to blame for the today’s lax dress code.

Typically men attending the races in the Royal Enclosure — the most prestigious of Ascot’s three enclosures — must wear black or grey morning dress with a waistcoat, tie and a top hat, reports the BBC.

“We took the decision early in the day, in the light of the hot weather, not to enforce the jackets rule after entry – common sense was applied,” Nick Smith of Ascot Racecourse told the BBC. Temperatures in Ascot reached 85 degrees today, a scorcher by UK standards.

Women meanwhile, were allowed to wear jumpsuits for the first time, as long as they reached the ankle. But exposed shoulders were a no-go, any dress worn in the exclusive arena must have straps wider than one inch.

After racing, horses were cooled down with “misters.”