This deodorant will make you smell like brunch

Ah brunch in New York: long lines in the hot summer sun, rowdy drunk people demanding mimosas and splitting hangover headaches at 3 pm. Who wouldn’t want to capture that experience in a scent?

Well, one company certainly thinks there is an audience for it. Native Deodorant, a company that produces deodorant with all-natural ingredients, has just released a new “brunch scents” collection, consisting of rosé, sangria and mimosa-scented deodorants. Like all of Native’s products, the deodorants are aluminum and paraben-free.

And here we thought most people tried to cover up the scent of alcohol on their person. Not anymore!

The scents premiered yesterday for the summer solstice, and the set is available as a limited edition and costs $30 for the three. So yes, owning these deodorants involves stressing about being first and then paying to smell like booze for a while. Certainly sounds like brunch to us!