Anti-fur protestors interrupt Michael Kors’ talk (and he doesn’t care)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you are fashion designer who does not use vegan leather, one day anti-fur protestors will come and yell at you.

Well that happened yesterday to none other than veteran designer Michael Kors, who was doing a talk with Alina Cho at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. According to WWD, 10 minutes into the talk, about 20 anti-fur protesters disrupted it “chanting, taunting and making animal-like sounds.” A few in the mezzanine held a banner that read “Fuck Fur.” Eventually, they made their way to the stage, where Kors reportedly snapped at one of them to get away from him.

It took security about six minutes to kick all the protesters out, and then Kors and Cho resumed their talk. “There’s never a dull moment,” Cho quipped, with Kors responding, “It’s fashion.”

This is not the first time Kors has been subject to anti-fur protests; in September, protesters marched outside his SoHo store, with one even wearing a Kors costume head.