Record breaking Canadian house comes with Mussolini’s chandelier

Across the border in Vancouver, a house has hit the market with an asking price of 63 million Canadian dollars, or roughly $47.3 million.

If it sells for its ask, reports the Wall Street Journal, it’ll break records in the Canadian city, where the current priciest home sale is around $42 million.

The owner of the 22,000-square-foot home is Joseph Segal, the 92-year-old founder of Kingswood Capital, who told the WSJ that he built the house about 20 years ago.

It comes with five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, two kitchens and an elevator. The walls and ceilings have painted murals, reports the WSJ, and in the foyer hangs a chandelier that once hung in Benito Mussolini’s home. Outside there are three tiers of gardens, an orchard with plums, apples, cherries and fig trees, and over 12,000 tulips that bloom each year.

The home’s art, antiques and silver — collected from all over the world — are available for sale, but aren’t included in the price.

Segal said he and his wife are downsizing. “I’m an old man,” he said, “it’s a big place.”

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