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Fredrik Eklund has released a pop song (unfortunately)

It’s really hard to make fun of Fredrik Eklund’s new song. Not because it’s not bad — it is quite terrible — but because he chose to sing about anti-bullying. And so any attempt to poke fun at it will, in turn, turn us into a bully.

Oh well.

Let’s start with the video. It opens with Fredrik dancing on a grate in Times Square, as professional dancers gesticulate around him. We then follow him as he engages in other New York activities — hugging an old lady on a bench, walking in the middle of traffic, dancing in rainbow socks on a stoop, pretending to fall off a building and grabbing his crotch (a lot). You know, all the sorts of things that homeless people do.

The song is called “It Gets Better,” in reference to the “It Gets Better” project to help LGBT youth. While it may get better for them, unfortunately, this song never does.

Eklund says a quarter of the proceeds from the sale of the song on iTunes and its streaming on Spotify will be donated to charity. So we guess that’s a reason to listen to it, though honestly, you’re better off saving your ears and your eyes and just donating yourself.