Balenciaga is selling a $1K shopping bag

They say bad things come in threes, and we hope the old adage is correct. It might mean that the luxe French fashion house Balenciaga will stop trolling us by selling absurdly expensive bags that resemble far cheaper counterparts.

This absurdity began last March, when Balenciaga debuted the “bazar,” a $1,495 bright, striped tote that has almost the exact same pattern as cheap shopping bags from Thailand that cost approximately $2.

That was followed up by the $2,145 IKEA bag. Known as the “Arena”, the blue leather carryall looked remarkably similar to IKEA’s signature $.99 shopping bags.

The brand’s third and most recent attempt is the newly unveiled, limited-edition $1,100 “shopping bag” that looks like every other paper shopping bag that has ever existed. Although to Balenciaga’s credit, there’s actually no paper in sight — the sold-out tote is made from calfskin and features black block lettering and leather handles.

When will this madness end?