Birkenstock is officially fashion! The orthopedic shoe brand shows at Paris Fashion Week

Highlights of yesterday’s spring/summer ’18 collection presentation in Paris. #Birkenstock #PFW

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Birkenstock has been becoming more and more fashionable over the past few years. But while some some brands like Céline have sent their own versions of the shoe down the runway, the actual brand of Birkenstock has stayed away from Fashion Week. Until now, that is. The brand held a showcase at the Tuileries Gardens last night during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.

The company’s CEO, Olivier Reichert, denied any intention of trying to make the brand fashionable. “We are not going into the arena with the big fashion brands,” he told Vogue. “We are just trying to open a space for the people to relax and have a drink. We want to join the family, let them check our new collection. But we are not on the way to push the fashion more–we are ok where we are.”

But we are still suspicious of their intentions — why spend the money to host a showcase for the fashion set if you aren’t trying to court them?

Either way, we are totally fine with this plot. After all, who wouldn’t rather wear Birkenstocks with their dress than a pair of stilettos?