Would you go to an Ivanka Trump-branded spa to relax?

Ivanka Trump (credit: Getty)

Ivanka Trump may be having some troubles with her fashion brand, but the First Daughter isn’t giving up on selling other wares that bear her name.

The heiress (or rather an LLC in her name, since she no longer owns it) has just opened two new spas, which are located in the Trump hotels in Washington D.C. and Vancouver. Trump supposedly made all the design choices and personally selected which treatments and products the spas –called “The Spa by Ivanka” — would use.

Those include a $355 couple’s massage, lavender-infused towels and something called a “citrus drench” for $165. The spa is surprisingly upmarket for Ivanka, whose fashion line has gotten considerably cheaper since she started it, becoming more Ann Taylor and Sam Edelman than Tory Burch.

Of course, all of this is very ironic because the Trumps are the ones stressing everyone out in the first place. And frankly — no matter how nice this spa is — we don’t think patronizing a Trump anything will help us relax. [Bloomberg]

  • Richard

    I refuse to have anything to do with anything reeking of Trump.

  • Marilyn Jacobs

    Shame on you people. Your comments are based on hate and jealousy NOT on trying out the product. How fair is that? Fix your heads NOW. Do the right thing. WE WON. GET OVER IT.

  • Jealousy does not look good on you LOSERS! This is obviously written by a Liberal Loser, that is jealous of the Trump family. At least they made their money by working for it instead of ROBBING the American taxpayers like Clinton and Obama have for their money!!

    • CT

      That’s cute!! You think they WORKED gor it 😛🤡😈