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How the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ are spending their summers

Private party on the back of the boat by bendynamic

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With four years under its belt, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” blog and Instagram account is still at it, curating photos of the lifestyles of the wealthy.

Although it’s only June, those featured on the blog are already deep into their summertime celebrations — complete with private jets, luxury cars, and beach vacations.

Take a look at what the “Rich Kids” are up to thus far:

Some are off to Malaysia.

Others are staying in the US, flying in private jets to Sarasota, Florida.

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Helicopters are also a popular form of transportation.

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Some are swinging high above the jungle.

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@allefoglia is driving around Italy in his Ferrari.

Off the coast of California, @stevenrsachs celebrated his 24th birthday on his yacht.

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Tulum, Mexico, is a popular destination this summer.

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@prince.pd is Jet Skiing in the Hudson River.

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Aside from traveling, shopping is also a popular activity.

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So is counting money …

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… and drinking Dom Perignon.

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New watches are always a must.

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@balenciaganeoprene posed with a leashed cheetah in Dubai.

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This is just the beginning of summer, so we’ll have to wait to see where the “Rich Kids of Instagram” are off to next.