Rich people are flying their pets in private jets

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Rich people can avoid all of the unpleasantness of air travel by opting to fly first class or private, but what about their pets? Often Fido is stuck in a carrier under the seat, or worse, in the cargo hold suffering from noise and extreme temperatures.

But no more– at least for the truly affluent, that is. One percenters have increasingly opted to have pets fly private along with them or sometimes even on their own. NetJets’ EVP of owner experience, Diana Oreck, recently boasted the firm has transported 17,179 pets on their fleet of jets. NetJets even operated a flight that was occupied by 13 dogs and once flew “a giant hog named Romero” (and they don’t mean that seatmate who refuses to share the armrest!). No word on 80 falcons though.

Pets are provided soft blankets and even offered tasty customized treats in their own bowls, which we suspect taste better than the stale pretzels we are handed in coach.

Animals up to 150 pounds may sit in an actual seat as long as they use a seat belt or hang out in their pet carrier. Pets over 150 pounds may lay on the floor as long as they don’t block the exits or aisle.

“Pets are members of the family, and at NetJets we want to make sure their flight is as comfortable as our owners,” Oreck explained to the Observer. [Observer]