Gwyneth Paltrow-endorsed sex club is coming to the Hamptons

It’s not just Sir Ivan swinging in the Hamptons these days. Los Angeles’ much gossiped about, celebrity-backed sex club just arrived on the East End.

Snctm, an elite “erotic club” with “Eyes Wide Shut” vibes, recently opened a club house in New York, but now they are following their well-heeled clients to Long Island for the summer.

Endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher, Snctm is planning a black-tie “Masquerade” event at an opulent private Hamptons residence on August 5, according to the New York Post. The just list will be limited to just 99.

To become a Snctm member men pay $1,500 to $1,875 to attend each party. Annual VIP memberships run to $75,000.



No word yet on the identity of the homeowner lending their estate for the party, but undoubtedly there will be an unmasking. [NYP]