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Jay Leno brings the funny to East Hampton at Guild Hall: PHOTOS

Jay Leno, Metin Sen, Bogac Dumankqya (credit: Barry Gordin)

Jay Leno was the headline act at the Guild Hall Museum’s annual Season Spectacular benefit in East Hampton.

Guests enjoyed 90 minutes of comedy to a sold-out show at the John Drew Theater, followed by dinner in a tent at the nearby The Hedges Inn.

Martha Rogers, Dick Cavett, Bill Boggs, Lady Jane Rothchild (credit: Barry Gordin)

Notable guests of the event included: board chairman Martin Cohen and his wife Michele, Bill Boggs, Vera and Donald Blinken, Dick Cavett, Florence and Richard Fabricant, Alice and Stanley Harris, Ted Hartley, Herbert Kasper, Ninah and Michael Lynne, Joyce Menschel, Robert Rubin and Jeff Zucker.

Stephen Meringoff, Kim Charlton (credit: Barry Gordin)
Stewart F. Lane, Bonnie Comley (credit: Barry Gordin)
Renee and Richard-Steinberg (credit: Barry Gordin)
Ninah Lynne, Michael Lynne, Ed Pantzer, Pamela Pantzer (credit: Barry Gordin)
Lola Quigley, Dr. Robert Quigley, Debra Quigley (credit: Barry Gordin)
Ken Wyse, Mary Jane Brock (credit: Barry Gordin)
Jay Leno, Zarra Beard, Andy Sabin (credit: Barry Gordin)
Jay Leno, Andrea Grover (credit: Barry Gordin)
Jay Leno, Sebastian Ficht (credit: Barry Gordin)
Jane and Barton Shallot (credit: Barry Gordin)
Cheryl and Michael Minikes (credit: Barry Gordin)
Carlos Llama, Andrea Grover (credit: Barry Gordin)
Bill Boggs, Lady Jane Rothchild (credit: Barry Gordin)
Andrea Grover, Richard Fabricant, Florence Fabricant (credit: Barry Gordin)
Alice Netter, Ken Wyse (credit: Barry Gordin)