Design team breathes new life into UWS retail space while paying homage to its history

The Upper West Side is making way for Aesop, a new cosmetics shop.

While the interiors of the 700-square-foot space at 219 Columbus Avenue have been completely renovated with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, key elements of the store were kept in place. Tacklebox Architecture, which did the project, wanted to pay homage to the history of the space, which used to be a mom and pop dry cleaners.

Not only were the facade and signage in the store restored, the creatives cheekily constructed display shelves with profiles of upside-down clothing hangers, saying the tactic is “a subtle gesture referencing the former life of the building”.  In addition, a freestanding vintage basin with oversized knobs has been incorporated into the sun-soaked space.

“Nodding to trusted communal establishments such as the barbershop, salon and laundry, Aesop Upper West Side safeguards the residential tradition of interstitial sites where public meets private,” Jeremy Barbour, Tacklebox’s founder told Dezeen. “Extending the legacy of Anel, it offers a fresh space for the ritual of personal maintenance, restoration and renewal.” [Dezeen]