Rich people are spending thousands of dollars on fidget spinners

It seems even wealthy people can’t resist the urge to fidget! Fidget spinners — the low tech toy that’s taking the nation by storm (and driving everyone else totally nuts) — have finally gone upscale, with some fetching upwards of $5,000.

“I spin for three to five minutes every two to three hours to refresh my mind and breathe,” one high-powered exec told the Post. “I spin it one last time before I leave the office and I love having those minutes just to myself. I just now realized that I had been sleeping better when I started this ritual.” That’s all well and good — but why on earth did she need to buy three, one of which cost $3,500 and the other two which cost $5,000-a-pop?

The maker of these high-end toys is Forman Lauren, the founder of the jewelry line Axissories, who makes the fidget spinners out of materials like gold and Swarovski crystals.

And yes, she says, business is good: “I need a fidget spinner myself to deal with the stress because I almost can’t keep up with demand!”