Louis Vuitton introduces $2,500 smartwatch

As if there weren’t enough luxury watch brands out there already, Louis Vuitton just launched its own version of a smartwatch. It’s the perfect gift for the Euro-trashy tech nerd in your life.

Called the “Tambour Horizon,” the watch was made in conjunction with Google and Qualcomm Technology and costs $2,450 in steel, and $2,900 in black.

For that price, you get what seems like a glorified version of the Apple watch, with a few extra benefits. It never goes dark (meaning you can read the time whenever you want without violently shaking your arm); it has a concierge service built in that will recommend shops and restaurants near wherever in the world you are; it will have a built-in travel app that tracks your flight for you (which seems unnecessary as most airlines can text you that info anyway); and it works in China, which is actually a pretty good thing because it means that Chinese buyers can get them (cha-ching!) as can tourists visiting.

So, yeah, we’re not sure that’s worth the price either, but according to the New York Times, this is just the first of LV’s many plans for smart, wearable tech: they also intend to produce connected footwear and ready-to-wear. Let’s just hope Jeff Koons does not get involved. [NYT]