Tiffany Trump is now a jewelry designer

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If Ivanka Trump can be a handbag and shoe designer, why can’t Tiffany Trump have a jewelry line? Indeed she can and now does!

Hampton’s boutique, Blue & Cream, posted a video on Instagram of Tiffany wearing some necklaces she fashioned herself, including iridescent boxing glove necklace and purple lightning bolt charms.

When asked if she is custom-making these pieces, the ever-eloquent Trump responded a succinct, “Woooo!”

But for anyone who is actually clamoring to buy one of these Cracker Jack prizes, you are probably of luck. The boutique’s hashtag says it all: #friendsandfamily.

According to Page Six, Trump’s foray into DIY jewelry is much like her father’s foray into politics and is “just a hobby”.

The internet responded as you’d expect with commenters lobbing such zings like: “Looks like something that’ll give you lead poisoning and a full body rash. How about she start another hobby like denouncing her father’s horrible administration?” and “Time to unfollow Blue and Cream.”

Still, in a world where Rob Kardashian is a sock designer, nothing surprises us anymore.